” You don´t have enough experience. ”

The amount of times that has been used as genuine reason not to award someone a job, an opportunity, must be in the millions. In many industries, it is often the amount of time you have spent on this planet that dictates the doors you can open rather than the ability you have. Whilst we all can speak to the many positives that age gives us, there is undoubted proof that age plays against.

As Picasso once said ¨Every child is born an artist, the problem is to remain one once you grow up¨.

The naivety of someone younger, less experienced, is more often than not seen in a negative way but i´m convinced companies of the future have to see positivity in naivety & fast track a higher % of young talent into the nucleus of their business if they want to move forward. Nearly all of the worlds largest newest companies were founded by under-30´s. If you want to innovate in your product, you´ve surely got to innovate in your people.

I have always felt this way about an organisations culture, but i was prompted to post today when i saw a piece of content from Intel which captures the above. I actually found this video via Adweek, who described it as an Ad. Beneath the video on YouTube you will see it described as a ´story´. I´m sure someone would call it ´great content´. That argument of what it actually is, is for another day.

I will leave you to enjoy the inspiring Intel story / content  / ad




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