Live streaming is mainstream. Red Bull Stratos was an example of this, and we will see more this year, & next .

But what i wanted to share today is my thoughts on a Sports broadcaster that is having the same type of influence on its category, as Napster did on music. I came across this broadcaster through frustration of not being able to watch my beloved football team on a Saturday, or whilst away travelling. Whilst in the UK several broadcasters were trying to solve this challenge, but the quality was often appalling, and more importantly, they only had up to a quarter of my teams fixtures due to the sports rights etc.

Step in, FrontRowSports. This online broadcaster has been around for a good couple of years now, its has been known under several guises for legal reasons, and is quickly become THE place for screen sports content. FrontRowSports is essentially an illegal aggregator of sports content from around the world, you can watch anything from Cricket, to the Russian tidily wink championship. It never lets you down, it has everything, and the stream quality seems to be improving. As a constant voyeur on social media, i´ve observed that sporting (especially football) people spend each and every week-end hunting down a live stream of their team, then sharing this to their fans & friends. This broadcaster is innovating, and making people’s lives better. I recent check on comScore will tell you that the latest First Row guise, is attracting in excess of 9m unique users each month, world wide.

A quick look on Google Trends & you will also see consumer demand is on an upwards spiral. And you will see the huge demand for First Row Sports as brand.

Red = ´live sports streaming Blue = ´football stream´ Sick Colour = ´First Row Sports´

Does this story not sound familiar ? An illegal service, breaking the rules, making people’s lives better, and attracting customers all around the world. Of course it does, Napster. The sports industry is re-known for having some of the most complicated rules of engagement with regards to broadcasting rights, but the time has come for someone to innovate on a global level. The reality is that global broadcasters know this is coming, but they will want to cash-in as much as possible while they can before the eminent happens. A Spotify-esque spirit in sports content could harness the innovation of online illegal broadcasters like First Row Sports, and make a real difference. The reality is that music was on its knees due to the Napster innovation, i can´t see this happening in the sports broadcast area as a consequence of the First Row Sports of this world, but i do think its an opportunity for someone to do something revolutionary.

Obviously never used an illegal sports streaming site, just heard all this through a friend.


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