Right, i´ve just been trawling through my Evernote account and realised i looked into the future over a bottle of wine & forgot to post the note to this ´ere blog.

Without further ado, here are the things i wrote in December 2012, & post now, 4 months on. Some look fairly safe right now, but a couple might be way out. Still, a lot can happen in the remaining 2/3 ´s


2013 Predictions


Music streaming platform war will rage

deezer, pandora, google, spotify & the entry of apple


Music, Music, Music, Music

It wash´t too long ago that there was a doom and gloom about the music industry, but 2012 will be the year that music continues to evolve and becomes one of the most powerful vehicles for people participation. Not only does it entertain, but i´m constantly stumbling across interesting articles from doctors / psychologist that music actually brings happiness to ones life, and has the magical ability to tap into the unconscious unearthing hidden / lost memories.


Facebook fail

Feelings towards Facebook are already changing, more negative PR surrounding privacy, users confused how to change their settings, parents coming onto the platform is not cool. Would you go to a nightclub with your parents ?


Twitter the trailblazers

it´s cool, its dynamic, it enhances entertainment. Apparently in this club, it is cool to be in a club with your parents. Unique.

But by the end of 2013 it will start getting a little bit more mad PR due its inevitable advertising increase, and data utilisation for profit.

ADHD goes global, The Social Loners

Never before have we been inundated with so much short form content. We live in a reality where people have the attention span of a nat.

Attention spans shorter, consumption higher, knowledge broader but with less depth. Brands need short stories, not bibles.


Sport drives entertainment innovation to global communities

Live streaming (firstrowsports) is the best sports channel in the world, best tech, most convenient, conditions are 100% online & therefore more likely to be social in conversation. Sports rights will evolve this change, like music embraced Napster innovation (too late)


Global music gigs

live music streaming for the masses. Boiler Room is doing something special on the underground scene. The spirit of this will go mainstream in some cases


Telecommunications Industry transforms

The appification of communication continues to rapidly evolve. Apps such as Viber & What´s App put the control of cost´s into the consumers hand, and telco´s struggle to keep grips of revenue they have controlled for so long. Contracts for calls & texts mean nothing, its data and data only. This could be an opportunity for hardware makers to take control of their customers. It will be a revolution.


People power

social affiliates / social commerce is going to go nuts this year. Twitter,more than Facebook, has turned people into public content creators an i think the next logical progression for many people will be to build on the 140 characters and start creating blogs / website where they can express more stuff. This people evolution will mean more opportunities for brands to speak to their audiences in creative ways. Klout and PeerIndex are having a good stab at this, but i think there could be a big opportunity for someone to enter in 2013 and turn promise into a reality. In the same way people have become more expressive with twitter, i think people will also embrace the easily accessible sector of e-commerce, shop ify etc. as ebay as acquired supply, i think the same will happening with customers. more content based commerce with stories, rather than just push. Aggregation of content one like´s could mean big money for some people without even realising it, but they will. People will get smart

Social Actions

I like never gets, I want will appear

´like´button evolves

Plagiarism, smagiarism

Content duplication has never been so rife. What is posted on one site, is re-posted on another site who take credit for that content / piece and potentially make money from it through ads. Never has it been so easy to be a publisher, you don´t even need an editor. Just someone who can find content, and apply copy and paste. This will spark debate, and law change.

Facebook Engagement drops in evolved markets, becomes a platform for Facebook Ltd.

Facebook hides under new acquisitions, instagram & whats app. Facebook the DMP for Facebook Inc. subsidiaries sit underneath the holding company (FB) and users become spent increasingly more time in other products. Facebook the DMP


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