There comes a time every now and again when a piece of music moves us, and there is woman that has done that to me this week.

Having delved deeper into her story, the listening of the album becomes all the more special. The woman in question goes by the name of ´Rhye´. The story is no better put than by the recent review by Pitchfork :

Rhye‘s short history is marked by serendipity and mystery. A couple of years ago, after being tapped by Hannibal’s Copenhagen-based electronic group Quadron, producer/vocalist Mike Milosh flew to Denmark to work with the group and they hit it off. Eventually, Quadron producer Robin Hannibal moved to L.A. in pursuit of a woman, and Milosh coincidentally relocated there as well, and started his own serious relationship (which has since evolved into a marriage) before they reconnected musically.

From what Milosh has said, Rhye’s primary goal is to pay tribute to this type of world-tilting romantic experience, but so far the pair have delivered their interpretations of this very personal phenomenon from behind a veil of secrecy. They released their first single, “Open”, anonymously, and promoted it in a deliberately opaque fashion, like a YouTube video of Milosh serenading his wife with a solo piano rendition of the song, shot in a way where you can barely make him out in silhouette. Even after revealing their identities, the pair refuse to say where the group’s name comes from or what it means, and their full names don’t appear anywhere in the liner notes to their debut album, Woman.

I did not know the story behing the sound whilst listening to the album for the first time, but on reflection this context most certainly gives the album a depth that one cannot ignore. At the first time of listening, the first artist that came into my head was ´Sade´, mainly driven through the independence & transparency that is conjured with every song that transpires through the album. It almost feels as though Rhye is revealing all & she doesn´t give a shit, it´s honest. This sense of independence & vigour makes ´Rhye – Woman´ without doubt the best album experiences i´ve had this far in 2013. Listen to the album in full, in a good state, & i can guarantee you will have a moment or two lost in its trippy tranquility. Below is the video from her first single ´Open´.



If you are inclined to Spotify, which i would thoroughly recommend those that aren´t,  the full album can be found with a click right……here. 



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