Since moving here to México City 7 months ago i´ve kept most of my posts sub-sectioned to our Facebook page, and neglected the blog, so time to change that.

Anyone who works in media / advertising will know that the rules for what can be done varies country to country. México is no difference, and over the past 7 months i´ve been shocked at what can´t be done, amazed at what can be done, and confused as to why it would be done.

In the last few weeks there has been a really fascinating campaign here in México City that is one of the best examples i have seen in using OOH media as an interactive canvas driven through social participation online. A perfect example of what can be done to harmonise the physical & the digital. The campaign in question has been constructed by a local brand – Scribe. Scribe makes pens, paper & general stationary for ´creating´.

Scribe is routed in drawing & creativity, and this is exactly what they have executed through their campaign. Scribe has taken a large OOH media placement here in México City & transformed it into a canvas of engagement. Ingredients for the campaign are : One talented artist, OOH media, & Social Media.

The OOH media was turned into a home where ´the artist´for the campaign would live for 10 days. With the artist living in the OOH media, it was then the turn of social media to turn the huge white canvas into a piece of art. Scribe kick started the campaign in their Facebook & Twitter community and asked them what they wanted to be drawn on the canvas, what inspires them etc. The hashtag #ScribeBillboard became the beacon for the people of Mexico in drawing their objects of desire through the hands of the artist Ceci Beaven who was living inside the OOH media. Each day Ceci would upload a video diary taking people through the experience of living in a box of MDF 100ft in the sky, the tweets coming in from people around México, and the objects she was drawing.



Not that i expect many of you non spanish speaking people to understand the lingo, but you get the gist. Each day Ceci would trawl through all the tweets & facebook messages in shaping what she would then start to paint on the huge Scribe canvas at 4pm each day. As Ceci begins painting her creation, the live stream goes live on the main campaign hub page & people gather online to watch their imagination become a reality. Lucky, in this part of the world, you are guaranteed sun everyday so there are never any concerns on being pissed on by the gods.

A great idea, that has harnessed all the attributes of the market here in México City.

  • Highly Social in real terms 
  • One of the most highly engaged online social media markets in the world
  • The people here in México are innately creative & very emotive
  • OOH is everywhere, & you can pretty much do anything

A great example of marketing WITH people, rather than TO them


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