If you use YouTube, which i know you all do, you would have noticed that Gaming is in the top 5 categories of most watched content. Video gaming content is in the hands of customers, quite literally, and it has liberated gamers to create really compelling content such as : walk-through´s, hints, cheats, comedy spoofs, and tonnes more.

One of my favourite games is FIFA, and this guy from the UK has built a community TV broadcasters would die for . Check out KSIOlajidebt´s FIFA Channel

EA are one of the biggest gaming publishers out there, and are a company close to my heart having worked with them on an advertising capacity for many years . The big news is that EA´s Origin service has struck a deal with Twitch to integrate game streaming into it´s Origin User interface empowering their customers to broadcast their gaming content to all.

Gamers are renown as being hard customers to please, and EA does have many challenges in keeping everyone happy, but initiatives like this will see this product leap ahead of their competitors.

Check out the full Origin release statement here.


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