The first month :

Things in Mexico take time, urgency isn’t a known word.

Cheese can be found in 99.9% of foods here.

Cheese can also be found on top of 99.9% of foods

Never eat 3 large Crunch bars on a hangover with an empty stomach. Never

A bed is called a ‘colchones’

You know those days when you are stuck in gridlock on the M25? Well, that is every morning & evenings journey to work

The Thunder here is petrifying. No wonder they believed in higher forces all those thousands of years ago here, it’s satanic

No-one has to take a driving test here. The Mexicans are so friendly, but get them in car and they all turn into enraged Aarton Senna’s. As a passenger, it’s like hitting the scariest ride at Six Flags without a seat belt, every day

When a big truck/garbage collector drives passed my apartment, the entire building moves & would be nothing less than an earthquake back home

The Mexican people laugh more than any other nation I’ve experienced. They are a happy bunch

Starbucks. There is an unhealthy obsession for this American coffee chain. It’s a fashion accessory

Dogs are a staple part of the family here. Enormous ones, medium sized ones, pocket sized ones

The garbage collection is emotional. Rather than a collection so early in the morning you never hear it or see it, the garbage team come at 8:30am, and they come loudly. They come armed with a huge bell, the size of a human head, and proceed to swing it violently in the streets. 8:30am on a Saturday! It wont be long until the hangover takes charge & I shout some expletive out the window

The tequila here is drinkable. Drinking the proper stuff here is like drinking a fine wine back in EU. In quality, certainly not in quantity

If you are unfit at sea level, playing one half of rugby at 2.5k meters altitude will finish you

Around every corner is a picture

Winter here is 16’c, they have no idea

Nobody has dirty shoes. There is a shoeshine dude on every corner

If you’re tired, have a nap. Whether you are waiting for a meeting in an office, or a bus stop in the street, No one will frown upon you.


3 thoughts on “First learning’s in a foreign land

  1. Recently I did a pitch…was making the whole speech about how we were a go ahead, enegetic company….the client replied “errr your colleague is asleep”…”oh”

  2. Reading this made me feel good Dan. Thanks mate. Connected by our moves away from the same starting point – feels good to know someone else is experiencing the new and the bizarre. Take care fella, keep going, keep learning and good luck. If you’re riding the blag like me, then I’m sure we’ll both me fine. Laters innit. Mike D x

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