Anyone working in the ad industry, and particularly the entertainment category, will know that a YouTube Masthead takeover is pretty much a staple part of any media plan. Very rarely is there a takeover that pushes the boundaries, but today they have been pushed. I’ve been in countless meetings where we have discussed ideas on how to combine mobile & desktop ad interaction, but very rarely do these ideas get off the ground. The main stumbling block is often getting client buy-in, having the creative timeline required to execute to a high standard, and sometimes the $$$.

The Amazing Spider-Man  is gracing YouTube UK today, and they have executed a pretty impressive ad. The ad starts with the usual trailer, but then a prompt appears from the footer to ‘Play the new mobile game’ (First image below). Being the ever skeptic that i am, i duly clicked on the prompt and was taken to another splash page (Second image below).

spider man youtube takeover

This is when I started to get intrigued on what was actually going to happen here, and I was preempting the whole thing falling apart. Scan the QR I did, and the below screen popped up on my iPhone.

Phone was aimed at my laptop, i pressed ‘tap to play’, and hey presto! The YouTube Masthead on my laptop started to talking to my phone, and vice versa. The YouTube Masthead then transformed into a rooftop scene, with ‘baddies’ popping up all over the Masthead ad. The aim was then to flick spider-mans web from your phone, which would then transmit web in towards the ‘baddie’  on the page

It genuinely worked, and I was really impressed with the responsiveness between the action on my phone, and the YouTube MastHead. People that know me, will know that i have a real distaste for QR codes being over used in the most ridiculous places, and are more often than not used in an environment conducive to absolutely nothing. In this case however, the QR serves with a clear function and enriches the ad narrative.

Hats off to the guys that put this together, this is the best mobile/desktop connected ad experience I’ve had and has definitely set the bar for any future projects I’ll be working on.

Check it out today while you can here


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