The title of the post says it all. I pose a question, when was the last time you were sent, came across, or watched a video trailer for a book ? I certainly can’t remember a time, EVER. That was until today. One of my daily digital chores is to have a scan through YouTube Trends Dashboard to see whats ‘hot’ and was deemed social currency. So, at no.1 today in the most shared (as I’m writing this) charts today was a turquoise video still about a book, yes, a book. My initial reaction was to scan down to find some comedy video about Mario Ballotelli missing his mouth whilst drinking ( click here if you want to see it ) , which i did of course, but after that i decided to go back to the no.1 slot and check out what this YouTube book  was all about. Here it is :

The first thing i thought after watching this was 1) I’m going to buy this book, and, 2) What a refreshing & great way to promote a book. It’s seems ironic that an industry that’s inherently about telling stories, is so bad at telling stories. I’m not a huge book-worm but i’m pretty confident in saying that most book sales are driven through reviews, word-of-mouth, and recommendation algorithms on e-commerce stores. If you then want to get a feel for the book, what do you do ? You read a text summary limited to a few hundred words on the back of the book, or online.

I think you get what I’m trying bring to light here. The above is a great way to promote a book, and more should do it.

Buy the book here

Authors blog here


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