I came across this video on the BBC the other day and I was taken aback by the charm of the guy. His business is to sell as much fish as possible to his punters. He comes across as being honest, approachable, and passionate. Since watching the video I’ve found myself humming along to his catchy lyrics, singing one fish one pound, and quite frankly wanting to go down to his shop and buy something.

A few minutes after watching the clip, I started thinking about how this might relate back to how other (much larger) businesses and how they communicate to their customers. Is there anything in this little story that we could learn from? I think so:

Be Brave – this guys tried something new to his competitors. Now, that is not to say that fishmongers in London don’t already project their quality produce at high volumes, but they certainly don’t sing.

Be Unique – The rest of the marketplace followed the same conventional marketing strategy, this guy did something totally new and people now know about his stall all over the world. I want to buy his fish

Be Clear – £1 = 1 Fish, very very good. Price, Product, Quality.

Be Personable – He undoubtedly has a connection with people, which is why he has become an internet success.

Food for thought, quite literally.


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