I’ve already posted one ‘feel good’ video this week, and it’s time for another. Music is a powerful thing, it’s a medium that has touched each and every one of us at some point in our lives. I personally think that one of the most powerful connections with music, is its ability to re-awaken experiences and memories. A good example of this would be with film / movies. Films take you on emotional journeys, some deep, some scratch the surface, but a journey none the less.  Some films use music more than others, but music is always used to accentuate a ‘moment’, take you away from dialogue and into an almost dreamy state.  Next time you watch a film with a really strong soundtrack/score, have a listen to couple of the tracks again and see where it takes you. More often than not, the next time that you listen to that same track it will stimulate your memory, taking you back to that experience/emotional you felt at that point in the film. A recent personal experience of this taking place came via the film ‘Drive‘. Great film, big soundtrack. There are moments in the film that are heavily constructed to lean on music, below an example :

The next time I listened to this track, it took be back to where my head was at in that ‘moment’. You get the jist.

This afternoon I was sent a YouTube clip that takes the spirit of the above, but takes it to a far more personal level. Nursing homes around the world can often be the most depressing places none to man, so no wonder the guests often decay into obscurity. This is great little excerpt of how music re-awakened an old man’s memories, and transported him from a place of emptiness, to a place of living. I’ll let the video do the talking :

The way that music connects with our brains, our emotions, is a truly remarkable thing. This guy must be 80+, and within minutes he has been transported back to a place, to a moment, decades previous. Who said time travel wasn’t possible.

Want to read more on music neurology ? Good little article here on Wired. http://goo.gl/doJbA


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