YouTube is the best music source on the web – FACT. Search for the most obscure track from your musical mind, and i can guarantee it will come up with the goods. That said, YouTube is a video platform so the sound quality is sacrificed most of the time. A lot of users who publish tracks to YouTube use album artwork, a bodged up moving image, or use some funky font to describing the artist/song title as the ‘video, ‘ which is fine,  as you’re more interested in the audio, right ?


However, today I received a link to YouTube video that has done something very simple but far more appeasing. It’s a moving video of an analogue cassette, with the track name / album / artist scrawled on the face.

Yes, this is not revolutionary but it captures some mix-tape romance from the old days, and provides something nice to look at. The juxtaposition of the tape on my computer screen felt weird at first, and maybe that’s why I felt obliged to share. The example above is only in 240p, so imagine how weird/good it might be if someone were to upload a 1080p version, you could almost touch that magnetic tape. Most of the music I get sent these days on YouTube is for tracks produced by artists who would never think of producing a music video, hence why I like this solution.

I’m not sharing this because its going to change the world, I’m sharing it because it turned what is usually a visual disturbing experience  into something more stimulating. It’s simple, but most good ideas are.


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