I’ve had a bit of a lull in downloading new apps to my iPhone, but on the w-end I reversed that trend. As with most things, I was recommended to download this app which allowed you to track any black cabs in your vicinity and if it was close you could hail the cab to/from your location. After a meal with some friends on Saturday evening, we decided to that we wanted a few more sharpeners locally, and would need a cab to ferry us there.

We put the Hailo app into action, and immediately saw a few cabs circulating our location like a swarm of sharks,  the rest is history. Within 5minutes we had a London cabbie outside our door waiting to go. Really useful and a great UI. You must give Hailo a go. Below is a quick video on how it works, with the credible London twang:



One thought on “All Hail – Hailo

  1. Hey guys, it’s Jack here from Hailo, glad you like the app!

    We’re currently giving away the chance to win £100 in free taxi rides just for liking us on Facebook! Check out http://hailo.to/7vWVMc.

    Also, everyone who downloads the app and registers in November gets entered into a draw to win £150, £300 and £500, not bad eh? http://hailo.to/7ByxW.

    No strings attached and the odds are great! Good luck!

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