Virgin gaming has been getting quite a lot of PR recently, and i remember when out at E3 there was a fair bit of noise surrounding this new enterprise. Naturally the lure of playing FIFA 11 and winning money at the same time was too great to ignore. My initial qualms for getting involved in Virgin gaming earlier was mainly due to my pessimistic outlook on whether the platform would actually work. I put aside those fears last week, created my account and deposited a whopping $25 to kick-start my road to football riches. The sign-up process was really easy, good interface and synced with my Xbox Live account with no dramas whatsoever, I was impressed.

The next step was actually working out how i went from the Virgin gaming lobby on my laptop to actually playing a game on my Xbox. Once you log in , your gaming profile is ushered into the main lobby where you become available for auction (pic above). Like a lamb to the slaughter, it didn’t take long before some of the regulars realised i was indeed a ‘virgin’ and i was quickly offered an $8 game. It was big bet for my first game , but i rate myself at FIFA and accepted the challenge.  Once you accept the challenge off the Virgin Gaming platform on your laptop, you message the user and meet in one of the match lobbies in the FIFA 11 menu on the Xbox. I navigated my way safely into the West Coast #1 lobby, where my challenger was waiting patiently for our $8 battle. Within about 2mins of playing i realised i was in for a trouncing. My opponent chose Chelsea , and it didn’t take long before he got the ball to Didier Drogba who then ploughed through my back four like a battering ram to slot the ball in the net. 90 minutes later, the scoreline read 5-0, i got battered and lost $8 in the process.

My competitive streak really took a hold of me , and it wasn’t long before i was back in the lobby being challenged for another game. After a few more games, and a few more losses I started to gauge what skill level i should be competing within. Level 5 on the Virgin Gaming platform constitutes to about 25 exp. on FIFA 11, and as my exp. is about 22 i figured this was where i should pick my battles. When real money is on a game of FIFA ,  i am putting a hell of a lot of concentration power in, trust me, but i still managed to lose a further $20. The games where getting closer, and my FIFA experience became far more intense and arguably more enjoyable even though i did lose a bit of cash. Every game you play gets recorded on your profile to ‘wins’ and ‘losses’ , so my profile reads pretty well at the moment for those wanting to make a quick buck ; wins = 0 , losses = 7.

My initial scepticism on whether such a gambling platform could work in harmony with console has been completely wiped. The Virgin Gaming offering has rejuvenated my ailing FIFA gaming experience, and cranked up my competitive streak, giving me a gambling experience I actually feel comfortable in even though I lost, a lot. Game available on Virgin right now are:

  1. FIFA 11
  2. Madden 11
  3. Fight Night Champion
  4. NHL 11
  5. Dirt3
  6. NBA 2k11
  7. Killzone 3
  8. Assasins Creed: Brotherhood

It won’t be long until these products start integrating the Virgin experience within the game itself , but for the time being give Virgin Gaming a go , and enjoy.

Sign Up Here. 


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