I have lost count the number of mobile related facts and figures i have been exposed to over the past six months, but it is a lot. This is all for good reason, the acceleration at which mobile is embedding itself into the web is unprecedented. Arming oneself with reams of great stats is always good to back up an idea, and below are a few mobile stats released by Google that are more than helpful:

  • 2.3 times more mobile searches worldwide in fourth-quarter 2010 from the prior period
  • 30% of overall restaurant search queries were mobile in January
  • 17% of overall auto search queries were mobile in January
  • 33% of overall “flowers” search queries were mobile on Mothers Day
  • 6 p.m.-9 p.m. time of day Google sees the highest volume of mobile search
  • 1/3 of mobile search queries have local intent

All of the above are really useful , but in my opinion the most interesting one is the time of day opportunity that we are presented with. Whilst mobile phone contracts put a premium on data roaming , consumers are conscious of engagement with rich media content during the day and save it for when they are at home connected to their w-fi. The mobile phone has become a real distraction at a time in the day (evening) when TV viewing used t dominant  without little competition for attention. To sit down and watch TV without accessing the web on my phone doesn’t feel ‘normal’ anymore, I’ve actually started to feel a little strange when watching a film and not checking my phone for nearly two hours. With this in mind, and knowing that millions are going through the same transition, there is undoubtedly an opportunity for mobile to become a real extension of any TV ad campaign.

THOUGHT : Some adverts on Sky+ have the green button activated in the top right that allows you to extend your experience of the ad in question and watch some exclusive footage; Your phone becomes the ‘remote control’ , enabling the user to retrieve content direct to their mobile/r.control device from the TV to consumer on their terms. Maybe Sony would be best position for this with the domination in Home Entertainment, and decent penetration in the mobile market ?  Anyway , you get the idea.

In its simplest form, just make sure you opt-in to mobile on your search campaign and deliver the user a ‘mobile’ experience. Don’t assume your web page is optimized to mobile, check and if it is not find a next best solution. Too many brands direct mobile traffic to a web page on mobile which more often than not is a horrible user experience. If your in entertainment or your key campaign driver is video engagement why not drive direct to YouTube ? A player users a familiar with , its the best mobile player in the market, and you can access the YT channel insights on the back-end to identify any uplift in mobile engagement to that specific piece of content.

freewheel mobile video

If we want to be more specific and talk about mobile video, there was some data released recently from a video monetization start-up called Freewheel who reports that Apple are the dominant players in wireless video views. The iPhone and iPod each grabbed about 30 percent of all mobile video views while the iPad grabbed 20 percent; the remaining 20 percent belonged to Android devices. Everything else accounted for less than 1 percent of all video views on mobile devices. How robust these stats are remain to be seen , but they are useful nonetheless. Interesting that iPad takes a 20% share of total views considering the usage compared to the more portable friendly mobile devices.

Lots of mobile stats appearing on a daily basis, so please get in touch or share below if you have any great insights.


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