a leaky bucket

In the past month its been made pretty clear that big hardware / software companies are incapable of protecting their customers , and their customers confidential information. I can count four massive leaks in data over the past month, coming from big players:

  1. Sony Playstation 3 : Identity theft and major data leak
  2. Android : Apparently 99% of Android are susceptible to hacking at any time
  3. Facebook : A huge leaking bucket, with personal data/information all over the place
  4. Apple : iPhone records everywhere users go, and stores the information 

The above examples have all made national press around the world , and for good reason.  There seems to be a serious lack of responsibility and investment in preventing such events from taking place, and i’m not sure that this will ever end. Is this the new reality we have to adapt to ? Do we need to be more careful with data we are willing to share ?

We will always be susceptible to hackers, but i’m sure many of these data exposes could have been bypassed with a bit of due attention.  Facebook has gone spam crazy in recent months , and i’m starting to get virus walls post on almost a daily basis and even though i record the post as spam to Facebook i get exactly the same spam post a week later. Facebook were lazy in protecting personal data in the early days,  and are leaking huge amounts of personal information through apps.  Apps are hemorrhaging  personal data and its only a matter of time before Facebook get nailed on this, you’d hope.

Something pretty severe is going to have to happen before our personal information protected more astutely, and maybe more hacks are the only means to heighten this as an absolute priority.


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