Just watching ‘would i lie to you?’ on BBC1 and a hilarious late 80’s BBC Rap documentary clip came into the equation. If ever there was ever a correlation between TV and online  habits, this was it. Straight onto YouTube , and here they are. These kids are damn cool and its an amazing insight into the hip-hop/rap subculture in the late 80’s. Once you get over the initial comedy value, its actually a pretty deep documentary on how the music has given them a platform to express themselves.

What do you reckon you would get if you did a documentary on the grime scene now ? I’d watch it. Watch them all, my personal favourite is clip 2 , i’d never mess with that posse !


3 thoughts on “A British Rap documentary from the 80’s – The Lowdown.

  1. “Partners In Rhyme” (part 4), were quality! Think the guyz name was Victor – AKA – MC Raze or Eaze!…Does anyone know if they ever released tunes?

  2. “Partners In Rhyme” were quality, (chek part 4) Especially Victor (aka) MC Raze/Eaze? “Decks Hypes It Up & I Have 2 Cast 1” rap was genius 4 its time + consider their age. Its been nearly 25 years since i 1st heard that rap & i still think about it…Reckon Partners In Rhyme should of been a success in the rap game!

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