My music habits at work have taken a serious swerve in recent weeks. I’ve moved from Spotify , to Soundcloud, and now i’m hooked to Mixcloud. Rather than having lots of single tracks, Mixcloud is what sounds like it is…. a load of mixes. Best way to use to discover great mixes is to find a DJ your familiar with, then start click on the music ‘tags’ / ‘genres’ which will then point you off in the direction of similar DJ’s. There is no interuption from advertising so you get really good quality audio which can just play in the background. Personally this is the best online music product i’ve used for a long time, for these reasons :

  • I don’t have to continually search for new artists / albums to listen to
  • No audio advertising interrupting my experience
  • Enjoy venturing the unknown of a mixtape
  • Often mixtapes contain rare tracks that are not part of any other music catalogue / service
  • Finding a great mixtape is pretty satisfying, and so is sharing it with friends
  • Most mixes are 60mins in length, more immersive experience

It may be better in certain genres than others, but worth a go. Below are my top 5 thus far :


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