My set-up

Had a week hols this week, and spent most of it reminiscing through my vinyl collection which has been neglected for the past few years. Long gone are the days when i would record a mix to my tape deck and listen to it in my car, so i have given SoundCloud a shot and recorded a mix. Part of putting a good mix together is knowing your vinyl inside out, and that is something i’m still acquainting myself with. There is a bit of everything in my first SoundCloud; Herbie Hancock, EW & F, ATQC, KRS-One , Nightmares on Wax…….and some random samples i bought years back at uni. My mixer (Vestax PMC-07) doesn’t have two audio outs so i’m stuck with listening to the master through my headphones which isn’t ideal for levels (Excuses !) . Just listened to the mix and its pretty shabby but more interested in the quality of SoundCloud product. Room for improvement on the mixing side, but its my first proper experience of SoundCloud and i really like the layout / functionality. There seems to be a lot of add-on app’s for post production which is yet another example of how quality software these days is so accesible to anyone with an internet connection / computer.

If anyone has used any good SoundCloud products please get in touch, or post them below. Back to the mixing board…


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