Got some beta codes for RockMelt yesterday, so i’ve been trying to give it a fair trial. So far so good. You are prompted to log into Facebook when you open the browser each time, and it becomes very clear that Facebook is at the heart of RockMelt. Facebook friends appear down the left hand side of the browser, and are prioritized by who is online ( Facebook Chat ). The right hand side of the browser is where you can customize site RSS feeds, and each feed appears in much the same vein as an ‘App’ . The browser top bar also offers the same search functionality that Chrome offers.

It allows users to consume bite-sized bits of information from multiple sources, be connected to your friends, whilst still having the freedom to explore the web. Our relationship with the Internet is constantly evolving, and this browser certainly goes some way into fulfilling current browsing habits. There is more distraction on this browser than any other, so remains to be seen whether it molds the way i interact with net. Sharing is also really easy and intuitive,  those days of copy and paste are over.  Another report in 7-days.


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