Here is the official stance from our Facebook rep in London:

” Today, Facebook announced a new, improved version of the Messages product through a small launch event in San Francisco, California and a blog post http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=452288242130. I wanted to let you know about our new product and also let you know that my contact information has changed.   The new Facebook Messages can integrate chat, texts and email into one place. No matter how a user talks to someone, all messages can be streamlined into a single, continuous thread. Perhaps the biggest part of today’s announcement is that users will now have the option of creating a public email address which will allow them to receive messages on Facebook. Modeled after Facebook Chat, the focus of this feature is on creating a simpler, faster experience for people to communicate with their friends. Email compatibility is simply a way to allow those who use Facebook to communicate with people who prefer to use a standard email clients. The new Messages design will be rolled out to all Facebook users gradually, so you should see steps to opt-in soon. If you want to access the new design early, visit this page to learn more about the new Messages product and request an invitation to opt-in (invitations will be sent pending availability): http://www.facebook.com/about/messages/.  While the redesigned Messages product does not offer any new direct opportunities for advertisers, our hope is that users will find the new, improved Messages more valuable and engaging than before, which leads to a better experience for both advertisers and users.The new Facebook Messages page will continue to serve Marketplace ads and there are no specific Message page targeting capabilities at this time. ”



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