On the way to work this morning i noticed a bit of outdoor media on a phone box for NikeGrid. I had absolutely no idea what it was, but it was Nike and thought i’d check out the URL. www.nikegrid.com

It’s a campaign to promote a running event on April 23rd on London, UK. You ‘claim the streets’ by running from one postcode to the other. In each postcode location there are a number of phone boxes, you jump in the phone box and call with your unique number to register your movements. More call-ins from different boxes the more likely you are to be the king/queen of your postcode.

The main destination for the campaign is the Facebook page . Traditionally a lot campaign functionality usually sits on the brand destination URL , but brands are now more frequently taking this functionality into social environments as a means to increase user retention. This is what Nike have done. All the channel page tabs allow users to find out more about the scheme and how they can get involved.

It is fairly apparent that this whole campaign is based on the premise of FourSquare, but even so, I think it takes the FourSquare functionality and makes it accessible to everyone.

I will not be running on April 23rd in my postcode, but I’d advise you to keep an eye out when you stumble out of the pub.


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