Last Thursday Steve Jobs came out at one of the Apple keynote’s to tell everyone about the OS 4.0 update. As usual there are a tonne of really great functionality updates for consumers with the latest Apple products, but those with older versions cannot access this update. More $ for Apple.

There are over a 100+ updates in OS 4.0 , But Job’s pulled a few key features out with added precedence:

  • Multitasking
  • Folders
  • Improved Mail
  • I-Books

For me, the most interesting advancement was the new Apple advertising platform entitled ‘I-Ad’. With over 1billion Apps downloaded thus far, Job’s recognised that developers need to start seeing a revenue return for all their efforts. TechCrunch summarised what Job’s had to say below:

  • “Developers [of free apps] need to find a way to start making their money. A lot of developers turn to advertising – and we think these current advertisements really suck.”
  • “If you look at advertisements on a phone, it’s not like on a desktop. On a desktop, its about search. On mobile, search hasn’t happened. People aren’t searching on their phones. People are spending their time in apps”
  • The average user spends 30 minutes a day in apps. If we put an add up every 3 minutes, that’s 10 ads per day.
  • Throughout the iPhone community, that’s 1 billion ad impressions per day
  • We’ve all seen interactive ads on the web. We want to deliver interaction – but also emotion.
  • “If you click on an add now, you’re yanked out of your app. As a result, people don’t click on ads.”
  • “We have figured out how to do interactive and video content without ever taking you out of the app”
  • Apple will sell and host the ads, and give 60% of ad revenue to developer

The first thing that comes to mind reading the above is Facebook. They have an almost identical business model. They open up their API to developers as a means to drive user retention, then reward those developers by allowing them to revenue from all ads sold around the ‘real estate’ / ‘ app ‘. Apple are doing the same thing. However, Apple are going into the mobile device space and this poses several challengers for Apple . Below is the video from the conference, so check out and post your comments below. I think there are moments of naivety from Job’s, in particular, he references desktop ads as being completely ‘interactive’ without any ’emotive’ quality. That is a pretty bold statement and one that identifies his inexperience in the progression of digital advertising to date. He goes even further to point out that TV ads are really emotive, and not interactive. I’m i missing something here, or do most advertising campaigns people work on contain the TV ad, and a load of interactive features ?!

My favourite bit of i-Ad is that you can buy apps within the ad. This is where the i-Ad platform can really set themselves apart from the rest of the market. Consumers are willing to part with their £ constantly within the Apple App platform. So, in conclusion, if brands want to get involved with i-Ads make sure you have something to sell or convert to within the apple app platform.


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