The gaming industry is starting to show signs of developing into a truly holistic digital experience for consumers. But with this evolution for the consumer, comes conflict and competition for publishers and retailers. As it stands gaming publishers see the entry point for consumers in the physical box product, which then evolves into the DLC model.

The physical product distribution comes via the high st. and online retailers, and the DLC comes through the product via the preferred console ( Xbox 360, PS3, PC ).

For the traditional box product, sales are driven from online and in-store. But overtime, sales through via online will take pole position and with that comes the question ” If we all our sales are coming through an existing internet connection, and if all consoles have active internet connection, why don’t we just send the game direct ?” . This is inevitable , and the PC market is already there with great platforms such as ‘Steam’ operating successfully.

So, if the origin for the game is from an online retailer, it then needs to be sent to your gaming console. The question we then ask ourselves is, If my console (Xbox 360 / PS3) has an internet connection already why cant i just buy the full game direct from here ? The answer: You can, and it is already happening. Retailers are already beginning to enter this distribution point but what if publishers enter this arena ? Why don’t the the Activision’s and EA’s of this world just sell stuff direct ?

It is a fascinating area for growth in the video game sector and is one that will undoubtedly raise a multitude of questions and potential conflicts, But the result of such progression can only lead to a more holistic gaming experience for consumers.

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